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LAUNCH responds to a dynamic career marketplace by offering a unique 4-phase outplacement program.  A  career coach works 1-on-1 with every client to deal with both the emotional aspects of the separation and the practical mechanics of a job/career change.

We are contracted by both organizations and individuals to help employees affected by job loss in a restructuring, realignment or organizational change.

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Certified Coaches work directly with your employees who are affected by job loss because of restructuring, realignment or organizational change.


interested in LAUNCH
Change can be difficult.  LAUNCH provides you with your own personal Career Coach, or Talent Manager.  S/he helps you connect to your passions, strengths, core values and personal mission so you can move boldly forward to your next great opportunity.  Your coach will also help you develop a knock-out resume, learn how to network (traditional and social media), and develop interviewing skills (traditional and behavioral).


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Rocketing Skyward

I am so pleased and proud to introduce LAUNCH Career Transition services to many of you for the first time. Since 2009, LAUNCH has been helping clients in the midst of job loss, but I am now ready to focus all my energies on this important work, to grow this service and touch more lives…. Read more »

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  • LAUNCH is a great catalyst for starting my career search. It helped me identify my strengths, abilities and passions. It also helped me reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going, giving me a path to success. My coach took a holistic approach to helping me determine the career move that was tailored directly to me. He had a genuine interest in discovering the right career direction for me. At times throughout this program I felt that I love my momentum, but my coach was always able to encourage and affirm, and get me back on the path to success.”

    - Jim

  • LAUNCH has truly been a life-changing opportunity for me, not because my coach has all the answers, but because he has all the questions! Through his keen sense of observation and razor sharp skills, he’s been able to guide me on this incredible journey of self discovery.

    - Ken

  • “I was feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed because I had recently been laid off work. I went through LAUNCH with my coach, Mary, and now, just 3 months later, I’m feeling confident and have an exciting new job!!! Mary and I worked on goal setting, identifying core values, enhancing strengths rather than dwelling on weaknesses, as well as networking methods useful when job hunting, I highly recommend Mary and LAUNCH!”

    - Tamra

  • “If you’re ready to explore new territory, identify limiting beliefs and habits, and discover your unique greatness, then this is the program for you! My personal coach was genuine, experienced, and committed to my success.”

    - Lucy