Involuntarily separating employees is difficult for everyone involved.  With LAUNCH’s unique 1:1 approach, separated employees can land softly, while you have the satisfaction of providing a helping hand with their new career direction.

What Makes LAUNCH Different From Other Programs?

LAUNCH brings a holistic approach to career transition by helping participant work through both the emotional aspects of their separation and the practical mechanics of a career/job change.launch pad-1

• All participants, regardless of their level, work 1-on-1 with a certified career coach
• Our cutting-edge approach mixes the best of individual coaching with self-discovery and structured learning
• We understand that significant life changes affect everyone differently and uniquely.  Every engagement is customized to the  individual needs of the participant
• The foundation of LAUNCH is The Launch Pad(TM), a unique discovery map and program guide

Benefits to your Organization:

1) LAUNCH is cost effective.  Our program is less expensive than the cost of traditional career transition programs.  We have consciously designed our content and services to be highly effective, both in terms of cost and impact.

2) LAUNCH is guaranteed. We stand behind our services.  If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll bend over backwards to make it right or offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  There is no risk to you!

3) Lower Unemployment Costs.  You are providing an important resource to help get employees back to work quickly, reducing your organization’s unemployment costs.

The ROI of Career Transition Services

LAUNCH’s in-depth approach gives you peace of mind that you’ve provided an invaluable long-term resource to your former employee.

Protective ROI Factors:
• Minimize unemployment costs ($)
• Minimize health care costs ($)
• Minimize costs associated with severance/separation pay ($)
• Minimize/avoid litigation
• Minimize negative PR
• Limit damage to employer brand
• Protect reputation (internally and externally)

Proactive ROI Factors:

• Enhance your position as an employer of choice
• Sustain engagement and productivity of retained employees (survivors)
• Strengthen retention of top performers
• Demonstrate your commitment to your employees
• Doing the right thing for your people, brand and culture