A change in an employment situation can be one of the most stressful times in your life.

To help you move forward and get ready for your next great adventure, our career coaches provide customized career transition support designed to assist you with the challenges you are now facing.

Our program provides you with an invaluable partner and resource…your own personal coach!

You will spend dedicated hours with your coach throughout your engagement. With our years of coaching experience and numerous resources, we help you explore your career choices to feel empowered, take control and move forward.

We believe this can be an exciting time for you!

To provide some structure, the LAUNCH process is divided into 4 phases, each building on the last and illustrated in The Launch Pad (TM) discovery map below.

launch pad-1

This learning map lays out the framework for your work with your coach. The content has been designed to create personal awareness, help you make important life decisions, and then help you move toward a fulfilling career.

The 4 progressive phases of LAUNCH are described below, along with the range of topics that may be covered in each phase of LAUNCH. Each career coach will use a variety of exercises and tools to help you the best way possible.

1-Systems Check - Change, control, worry, stress, fears, job history review

2- Fueling - Strengths, skills & abilities, passions, core values, personal mission

3-Ignition - Dream job identification, career sweet spot, job factors, personal branding strategy

4-Lift-Off! - Creating your resume, traditional networking, social networking, job interview practice, behavioral interviewing, referen