We have been honored to work with some amazing individuals through the career transition process.
Here’s what some of them had to say…

“The LAUNCH Career Transition Program helped me land a leadership position at a Fortune 50 company.  I’ve found the coaching so impactful that I continue today at my own expense.” –Dave K.

“Working with my coach has been wonderful. He has not only encouraged me to change the way I think, but helped me to discover what is important to me. I took the time and energy to find my best job for my best life. And because of this program, I am now on my way! Thank you for everything!”Michelle V.

“LAUNCH has truly been a life-changing opportunity for me, not because my coach has all the answers, but because he has all the questions! Through his keen sense of observation and razor sharp skills, he’s been able to guide me on this incredible journey of self-discovery.- Ken M.

“If you’re ready to explore new territory, identify limiting beliefs and habits, and discover your unique greatness, then this is the program for you! My personal coach was genuine, experienced, and committed to my success.” - Lucy N.

“LAUNCH is a great catalyst for starting my career search. It helped me identify my strengths, abilities and passions. It also helped me reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going, giving me a path to success. My coach took a holistic approach to helping me determine the career move that was tailored directly to me. He had a genuine interest in discovering the right career direction for me. At times throughout this program I felt that I love my momentum, but my coach was always able to encourage and affirm, and get me back on the path to success.” - Jim H.

“I was feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed because I had recently been laid off work. I went through LAUNCH with my coach, Mary, and now, just 3 months later, I’m feeling confident and have an exciting new job!!! Mary and I worked on goal setting, identifying core values, enhancing strengths rather than dwelling on weaknesses, as well as networking methods useful when job hunting, I highly recommend Mary and LAUNCH!”Tamra G.

“My coach was very willing to adapt to my learning style and her straightforward approach was exactly what I needed to feel encouraged and eager to move forward. My coach also helped me to gain the confidence and desire to live my life more purposefully and fully. I am so much happier now with the direction of my life both career and personal is headed.” - Tamara

“My LAUNCH coach helped me take the time to find my true passion and build on that. Coaching transformed my thinking from reactive to proactive. I have confidence in knowing that I am in the right place in my life and am at peace with myself.”-Yolanda B.

“LAUNCH allowed me to deepen and expand my self-trust as well as harness my knowledge and experience to help me see my unique value as well as begin to mentor others. My coach helped me to open to my own potential and to more clearly define my work and my life. The coaching process provided me a partner to work with – a partner who provided the supportive, creative and always instructive guidance needed.”
-Mark S.

“I highly recommend any and all individuals to seek out the LAUNCH program.  I will continue to use my Professional Coach as needed.  Actually, I referred someone already and they had an excellent experience.”

“I very highly recommend this program because it serves people who need both structure and those who may prefer to customize the program to meet their needs.”

“The live phone conversations with the coach were the most important factor and I would recommend a colleague use this feature of the LAUNCH program over the others offered.”

“Although my program is not complete, I feel like I have learned skills that I will be able to carry with me as I move forward.”

“Just being able to have a neutral person/professional to talk with and bounce thoughts and ideas off was very helpful.”

“Having a sounding board during a difficult time to help me think through job search strategies and help me talk through issues related to character and leadership development was key.”

“I now have an improved outlook on life and how to approach goals and what I want to achieve.  Also feel more tuned in with my strengths and personal needs.”

“I learned more about myself and what I am good at.  This program gave me a strong sense of direction for my next career.”