To help our participants move forward and get ready for their next great adventure, we provide each participant with a certified career coach. This dedicated career coach guides each participant through the entire LAUNCH program to help them land softly into their next career role. Depending on the package selected by the organization or individual, all participants receive from 10 to 20 hours of coaching scheduled in 30 minute to one hour sessions throughout the process.  These hours can be used by the participant or family members for up to one year. This individualized coach approach sets LAUNCH apart from traditional program offerings in the marketplace today.

Our program is designed specifically to help people in transition. LAUNCH offers a holistic approach to career transition by helping participants work through both the emotional aspects of the separation and the practical mechanics of a career/job change. Our program is divided into 4 phases, each building on the last. The content has been designed to create personal awareness, help each participant make important life decisions, and then move him/her toward a fulfilling career.